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Drop In Visits

Short 30-40 Minute Visits for feeding, playtime and walking/cleaning litter boxes or other customized duties as needed.

Overnight Stays

Sometimes what your babies need most is someone there, especially if they are prone to separation anxiety or health issues that need monitoring.  We offer overnight stays as well. We go the extra mile to ensure you return to happy, content pets!

Dog Walking

30-60 minute dog walking for the busy person who wants to ensure their canine companion(s) get the exercise they need to thrive when Mommy or Daddy are busy or out for the day!

Health Center

I'm skilled in giving shots, pills, pet first aid and have years of knowledge and experience. Each visit includes a visual and touch wellness quick-check, to ensure your pet has no new issues that need addressed.  And if there are any issues, I will take your pet to your vet to be checked out!

We care for a variety of pets!

I get asked all the time what kind of pets I will care for, and that answer is easy!  All kinds!  As a vegetarian, all animal life is sacred to me, and whether you have chickens, horses, birds, ferrets, lizards, or a dog or cat, you can bet I have taken care of them and have references that speak to my skill and dedication!


I have found in my 10 plus years of experience caring for others' pets that pets are most comfortable in their own homes.  That's why our services are centered in your home, where your pets are most relaxed.  Each visit, you will receive a text message and/or a video showing you how your pets are getting all kinds of love and attention from me, as well as a brief update on how they are doing in your absence.  And anytime you have a question while you are away, we are only a text or phone call away! 

We will work with you to find the pet sitting option that fits your schedule and budget. We go to your home to care for your pets, where they are in familiar surroundings and there is less stress on them while you are gone. Our prices are somewhat flexible. We will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget. Basic visits, which are an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, cost between $30-40 per day, depending on the distance involved, time wanted, and any specialized care. That will include video and photographic updates, play time and snuggles with your babies. Cleaning out litter boxes, or other small messes are also a part of that service. We will also check your mail and can add house cleaning if you so desire to our visits. If you want more frequent visits or longer periods of time, we will work toward a good solution to fit your needs and insure that your babies are well-cared for in your absence.

While you are away, you will get daily updates, photos and videos to ease your mind, so you can enjoy your trip without worry! 


Additional Services

While you are away, you will get daily updates, photos and videos to ease your mind, so you can enjoy your trip without worry! 

And for an additional charge, we will gladly house sit for you!

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